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Virgin Voyages Restaurants: Gunbae Menu

Gunbae is a restaurant onboard Virgin Voyages ships modeled on a Korean BBQ. Flameless built-in grills let guests cook their own food.

The restaurant is designed to offer a fun, social, and interactive experience, promising drinking games and a gregarious staff.

Like all other dining aboard Virgin Voyages, there is no charge to dine at Gunbae, with the ship-wide exception of alcohol and pay-as-you-go beverages. A complimentary round of soju may be offered at Gunbae.

Reservations are not required but encouraged during periods of high demand. Reservations can be booked via the Sailor App.

Gunbae Menu

Since Virgin Voyages is a new cruise line, menus are subject to adaptation and change. The following are items that are available on the current Gunbae Restaurant menu; additional selections may be available onboard.

The menu features a choice of three small bites, six mains (three BBQ and three rice/noodles/stews), and soft serve ice cream (three flavors).

Small Bites

ItemDescription & AccompanimentsFriendly for Dietary Restrictions
Dakgangjeongcrispy chicken, pickled daikon, chili sauce
Haemul Pajeonmixed seafood and scallion pancake
Miyeok Muchimseaweed salad, cucumber, shiitake mushroomsVegan


ItemDescription & AccompanimentsFriendly for Dietary Restrictions
Bibimbapshort grain rice, egg, mixed vegetablesGluten Free, Vegetarian
Boesut Yache Modum (BBQ)assorted mushrooms and seasonal vegetables comboGluten Free, Vegan
Japchaestir-fried vegetables, egg ribbons, vermicelli noodlesVegetarian
Kalbi Samgyeopsal Saewoo Modum (BBQ)short ribs, pork belly, shrimp
Kimchi Jjigaepork belly, kimchi stew, gochujangGluten Free
Ojingeo, Nakji, and Saewoo (BBQ)squid, octopus, shrimpGluten Free

Soft Serve Ice Cream (Dessert)

ItemDescription & AccompanimentsFriendly for Dietary Restrictions
Black SesameGluten Free, Vegetarian
Shikye and Black Sesame TwistGluten Free, Vegetarian

All soft serve served with black sesame, granola, mini mochi, and miso caramel

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