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Celebrity Cruises: Is AquaClass Worth It?

Celebrity Cruises offers AquaClass staterooms on its ships, which is one step above Concierge Class staterooms, and two steps above the entry-level veranda cabins. There is no appreciable difference in cabin or balcony sizes for any of these categories.

On Edge-class ships, the balcony may be an “Infinite Veranda,” which is essentially a large floor-to-ceiling exterior window where the top half of the window can slide open to create a balcony. The window is accessible through a pair of folding glass doors in the cabin.

AquaClass staterooms are generally considered the highest level of accommodation on Celebrity Cruises, short of suites.

AquaClass Benefits over Concierge Class Staterooms

The two main differences between AquaClass and Concierge Class are access to the Blu restaurant and complimentary access to certain spa services.

Blu Restaurant

The Blu restaurant, unsurprisingly decorated in a blue and white tones, is available exclusively for AquaClass guests for breakfast and dinner. Lunch is not served in Blu.

Blu offers “cleaner” cuisine, which means lighter and healthier fare such as pan-seared red snapper and grilled lamb chop salad. Vegetarian options are available.

Blu is much more intimate than the Main Dining Room (MDR). While capacity varies by ship, Blu can typically seat a maximum of 120 to 160 guests. By comparison, non-Edge class ships seat 1,400 to 1,500 in the MDR.

No reservations are required or accepted to dine at Blu for AquaClass guests. If you’re dining with a large group (6+ people), you may be offered a reservation to ensure that an appropriately-sized table is available at your preferred time.

AquaClass guests may also be able to order off of the MDR menu when dining in Blu, depending on the ship, although they can only dine in the actual MDR on a space-available basis.

Suite guests can also dine in Blu if requested and space is available; most suite guests dine in their own suite-only Luminae restaurant.

Spa Access

AquaClass guests receive unlimited access to the SEA Thermal Suite (on Edge-class ships), unlimited access to the Persian Garden (on Millennium-class and Solstice-class ships), and unlimited access to the Relaxation Room (on Solstice-class ships).

In addition, AquaClass guests can arrange spa bookings through their personal spa concierge and receive a wellness consultation.

In-Room Amenities

While relatively minor, AquaClass guests receive slippers and use of an aromatherapy diffuser.

The cabin’s shower also has panel with massaging water jets.

AquaClass Benefits Shared With Concierge Class

AquaClass also shares a number of benefits with Concierge Class.

Priority Boarding and Debarkation

Alongside suite and Concierge Class guests, AquaClass guests receive priority boarding and debarkation, both on embarkation day and throughout the cruise while in port.

Complimentary Food

AquaClass guests receive a small plate hors d’oeuvres/canapés delivered every afternoon. You can also receive complimentary sparkling wine upon request.

Pillow Selection

You can select among five different pillow types when staying in a AquaClass cabin:

  • Goose down pillow
  • Body pillow (feather and down)
  • Isotonic pillow (synthetic down)
  • Conformance pillow (provides greater support)
  • Hypoallergenic pillows (non-feather and non-down)

Odds and Ends

There are also a handful of additional minor benefits.

You receive a complimentary Celebrity embossed key holder and a tote bag, versus just the shopping bag that guests traveling below Concierge Class receive. You can also utilize (but not keep) your in-cabin umbrella and binoculars while cruising…the binoculars cannot leave the ship.

Your bathroom will feature an upgraded Hansgrohe showerhead, which can offer a more rainfall-like showering experience. There is also an extra hairdryer in the bathroom, so two people can dry their hair at once.

And if you decide your shoes need shining, there is a complimentary shoeshine service.

AquaClass Benefits Shared With Concierge Class and Veranda Staterooms

AquaClass also shares a number of benefits with Concierge Class and Veranda staterooms, aside from just the balcony/veranda, that are not offered to guests staying in Ocean View and Inside Staterooms.

Enhanced Room Service Breakfast Menu

You will have access to slightly-expanded breakfast options when using room service versus those traveling in cabins without balconies. This includes:

  • More cooked-to-order egg options:
    • omelet (but with a very limited selection of add-ins)
    • fried eggs
    • poached eggs
    • boiled eggs
    • plus the scrambled eggs available to everyone
  • More meat options:
    • Canadian bacon
    • salami
    • Black Forest ham
    • Danish ham
    • plus the bacon, link sausage, breakfast ham, and corned beef hash available to everyone
  • More fruit options:
    • kiwi
    • pineapple
    • grapefruit
    • plus the honeydew, cantaloupe, and bananas available to everyone
  • More cereal options:
    • grits
    • oatmeal
    • granola berry parfait
    • plus the standard cold cereal brands like Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, and Special K available to everyone
  • More bread and bakery options:
    • French bread
    • bran muffins
    • blueberry muffins
    • multi-grain toast
    • onion bagels
    • plus the danishes, plain bagel, whole wheat toast, rye toast, croissant, English muffin, and white toast available to everyone
  • More juice options:
    • V8 juice
    • grapefruit juice
    • tomato juice
    • prune juice
    • plus the orange juice, cranberry juice, and apple juice available to everyone
  • Pancakes:
    • buckwheat
    • blueberry
    • banana
    • plain
  • French toast
  • Smoothies:
    • strawberry
    • mixed fruit
    • blueberry-watermelon
    • Omega 3

Ordering room service between 11pm and 6am still incurs a $4.95 charge, which is only waived for guests staying in suites.

Enhanced Bath Amenities

Guests receive upgraded soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

Your stateroom will have a slightly-nicer plush cotton bathrobe for your use while cruising versus the waffle bathrobe offered in Ocean View and Inside staterooms. Stateroom with a balcony also receive 100% cotton bath towels.

Concierge Class Benefits over AquaClass

Concierge Class does have a few advantages over AquaClass, namely access to the Embarkation Day Lunch.

Embarkation Day Lunch and Priority Dining Time Selection

Concierge Class guests are invited to a semi-exclusive lunch in the MDR on embarkation day, which means they can avoid the crowded buffet at the Oceanview Cafe.

Since Blu doesn’t serve lunch, AquaClass guests will need to visit the buffet or another one of the dining venues for lunch.

Concierge Class guests also receive priority when selecting dining times in both the MDR and specialty restaurants, although AquaClass guests have exclusive access to Blu, which does not require reservations.

Concierge Service

Concierge Class has access “personalized” concierge services for things like on-board restaurant and spa reservations, shore excursion bookings, and ticket reservations for entertainment at ports/destinations.

AquaClass does have access to their personal spa concierge for spa-related bookings.


AquaClass is only worth it if you really value access to the exclusive Blu restaurant and complimentary access to the thermal spa. Otherwise, if it’s primarily a balcony you’re after, Concierge Class or even just a regular Veranda stateroom should do nicely.

Ready to find out if Concierge Class is worth it?



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