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Virgin Voyages: Free Beverages and Drink Prices

Virgin Voyages offers free “basic bevvies” as well as pay-as-you-go alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You can also prepay your drink credits and receive a bonus credit that can used for paid beverages.

It’s worth noting that Virgin Voyages also bans the use of single-use plastics whenever possible onboard, so you’ll want to consider bringing your own favorite reusable beverage container.

Free “Basic Bevvies” on Virgin Voyages

Many non-alcoholic beverages are unlimited and complimentary, including:

  • Still water
  • Sparkling water
  • Non-pressed fruit juices
  • Coffee (drip/filter)
  • Tea (bag)
  • Soda

You can also bring your own non-alcoholic beverages with you as hand luggage. There’s no strict limit, although these beverages need to be in cans, boxes, or cartons…and can’t be in single-use plastic containers.

Pay-As-You-Go Non-Alcoholic Beverages

There are a few types of non-alcoholic beverages for which you’ll need to pay by the drink.

Non-Alcoholic BeverageDetails / Brands / ExamplesCost Per Serving
(approximate USD)
Freshly-Squeezed Fruit Juicesorange, grapefruit$4 to $5
Premium Coffeelattes, cappuccinos, espressos, double espressos, macchiatos, americanos, hot chocolate$3 to $4
Premium Tealoose-leaf jasmine, darjeeling (green and black), oolong, mint, hibiscus$5
Energy DrinksRed Bull, Red Bull Sugar Free$5
Select Carbonated Beverages and Non-Alcoholic BeerHeineken (zero-proof)$5
Zero-Proof Cocktails“mocktails”$7 to $13

All prices include gratuity.

Beer, Wine, and Other Alcoholic Beverages on Virgin Voyages

Like many other cruise lines, Virgin Voyages charges for alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic BeverageDetails / Brands/ ExamplesCost Per Serving
(approximate USD)
Beer & Cider (bottle)Amstel Light, Corona Extra, Goose Island, Heineken, Lagunitas, Miller High Life$6 to $15+
Beer & Cider (can)Ballast Point, Guinness, Rekorderlig$6 to $11+
(most under $10)
Beer & Cider (tap, 12oz)Heineken, Newcastle, Strongbow$5 to $8+
CocktailLiquor and spirits with juices and mix-ins$13 to $17+
Cognac (VS, VSOP, XO)Courvoisier, Hennessy, Rémy Martin$13 to $77+
Shots (1oz)Absolut, Don Julio 1942, Fireball, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Johnnie Walker Black, Johnnie Walker Blue, Maker’s Mark, Southern Comfort$5 to $25+
(most under $10)
(some premium $50+)
Wine (can)MERF, Shimmer$9 to $11+
Wine (champagne and sparkling by the glass)Chandon, Dom Pérignon, Honey Bubbles, Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Villa Sandi$8 to $65+
Wine (fortified by the glass)Taylor, Tawny Port$7 to $13+
Wine (red by the glass)Casa Lapostolle, Chateau St. Julien, Decoy, Intrinsic, Lyric, Montes, Newton$7 to $29+
Wine (rose by the glass)Acrobat, Gris Blanc by Gérard Bertrand$7 to $11+
Wine (sangria by the glass)house sangria with moscato$12+
Wine (white by the glass)Cakebread, Chalk Hill, Cloudy Bay, Decible, Fontanafredda, Lucien Albrecht, Villa Sandi$7 to $22+

All prices include gratuity. Virgin Voyages states that 42% of their wines by the glass are under $10.

A bottle of wine tends to cost around 4x to 6x the cost of a glass of the same wine.

Prepaid “Bar Tab”

You can “prepay” for beverage credit in advance and receive a bonus credit. You do so by purchasing a prepaid “bar tab” for $300. Virgin Voyages will then kick in an additional $50 to $100 on your bar tab as a bonus. You can buy multiple bar tabs.

The bar tab is nonrefundable, and you can only use bar tab, including any bonus, on beverages onboard or at the private The Beach Club at Bimini (i.e., you can’t use the bar tab as general onboard credit). You can buy drinks for others with your bar tab.

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